Most Recommended Essay Writing Services in 2019

Back when you were only beginning your academic career, you probably imagined yourself acing one important assignment after another without any strength or trouble. The reality, however, is often different. No matter how hard you try, sooner or later you may consider using creative writing services for your academic needs.

There are dozens of different reasons why you may suddenly find yourself in need of an essay writing service. Whether it’s the exhaustion from all the hard work, the necessity to balance studying with a job, or the fact that there are several other assignments, even more important than the current one, waiting to be completed.

In fact, many students consider professional writing services to be a real godsend, because they allow you to get decent grades without doing any of the hard work that is normally associated with an academic journey. But how to choose a legitimate essay writing service that will help you meet your academic goals? Here is our guide on picking the right essay service for your needs.

What to look for in a cheap reliable essay writing service?

In order to meet your requirements, academic writing services need to have the following features:

  • Expert writers. Every writer who wants to join the team of an academic writing company should go through a rigorous selection process. Only writers with at least one degree from a prestigious school and plenty of writing experience will be able to work with the toughest subjects and topics.
  • Quality of writing. If you are looking forward to getting a good grade for your paper, make sure your cheap essay writing service offers a steadily high quality of writing to all of its customers. The easiest way to judge the quality of writing done by a company is to check out the writing samples on their website.
  • Reasonable prices. If you have researched several writing services, you probably have a pretty good idea about the average prices in the academic writing market. That is why, if you spot a writing company that offers considerably lower prices, you should ask yourself: “Do I really want to sacrifice the quality of my paper just to save a couple of bucks?”
  • Testimonials. If a buy essay writing service has been in the market for even a year, it should have hundreds of happy customers who can testify that their experience was positive and they would gladly return for more orders. Always make sure to look for customer reviews and see if they look legit or seem fake.
  • Customer satisfaction. Even though ideally, a cheap reliable essay writing service strives to make its customers happy from the first try, there are cases where you are not particularly happy with the work you received. It’s the company’s job to offer you as many free revisions as it takes for you to finally accept the paper, or refund you the complete amount if the writer still can’t make the paper meet your expectations.
  • Timely delivery. For most professors, your ability to submit a paper on time is as important as the content of the paper. Failing to turn an essay in before the deadline can result in a bad grade or even worse repercussions. Always specify the required deadline and ask the writing service whether they will complete your order before time.
  • Customer support. As a first-time or even returning customer of an urgent essay writing service, you probably have lots of questions. It’s important for the writing service to be able to answer them immediately, which is why it’s best when the customer support is available 24/7

3 things a legitimate essay writing service should NOT have

Now that you know what to look for in a good essay writing service, here are three things that you should immediately view as red flags:

  1. Unrealistic promises. A writing service should guarantee the highest quality of writing and following the academic writing standards, but they cannot guarantee your A+ grade. Your grade may depend on a variety of factors, so when a service promises that they will make you a straight-A student, take these claims with a grain of salt.
  2. Troubles with communication. In order to always feel 100% confident in your decision to entrust your writing needs to a service, you need to be able to easily contact them and receive a quick reply. If the only way to contact a writing service is by email and they take hours or even days to reply, it’s a telling sign that they don’t value their customers.
  3. Unclear plagiarism policies. If a writing service is determined to eliminate plagiarism from their papers, they will always make everyone see their claims that they never use plagiarized fragments in their work. If you don’t see any references to the company’s anti-plagiarism policies, it can only mean one thing — they are not too concerned about plagiarism and cannot guarantee your paper will be absolutely original.

The challenge of choosing a reliable writing service for your academic needs can be a big one, but, at the end of the day, you will be rewarded with beautifully written papers that are delivered exactly on time and don’t cost a fortune to be done.

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